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GPSG is an innovative supplier of building construction materials and products. We design, manufacture, source and supply a range of GPSG branded building products to the international market.

GPSG has established a strong reputation in the supply of quality, value for money building materials to major projects around the world. Our products are designed and tested for various international standards.

GPSG has many years’ management and operational experience supplying to international markets.

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Value for Money

GPSG products are designed with Client budgets in mind and to reflect best value, competitive pricing and durability for a given specification.

Quality and Supply Control

Whether manufactured in-house or via closely managed OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) suppliers, GPSG products are produced with trusted quality and supply management. GPSG QA managers and technicians are always on hand to inspect, check and certify under strict guidelines on behalf of our Clients.

Safety and Compliance

In an environment of increasing regulatory, liability and safety obligations, GPSG products are always designed and tested with safety and compliance in mind. GPSG products have been used on projects over a number of years to prove performance. In addition, we always batch test and analyze for key risk areas such as asbestos, volatile organic compounds (VOC), steel quality and others to ensure that all products are supplied with best possible safety and compliance in mind.

Logistical Efficiency and Savings

GPSG products are designed and produced to allow for efficient logistics and dispatch. Project packing, labeling and consolidation can be provided upon request thus minimizing additional project costs to the Client.

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